ElyQ 10A/100ApK2OutputProgr.VoltageReg.(5+5-6-7,2V)

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  • EQ-QV510K-V2
Separate outputs: 1 output at 5V (5Amps) dedicated specifically to RX, this guarantees a perfect... mehr
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Separate outputs: 1 output at 5V (5Amps) dedicated specifically to RX, this guarantees a perfect current avoiding disturbs created by power services. The other output is related to power and it is subjected to be programmed. The output can be programmed up to 5V ­ 6V ­ 7.2V and in by ­ pass mode (current reaches directly the final output) and a formidable power capacity to support the ultimate generation high peak servos (from 10A to 100A). Light Weight: about 20 g and reduced dimensions (50 x 37 x 13 mm). Multi battery type: the regulator support Lipo, LiFe, Lion, NiCd and NiMh batteries. In the case of Lipo, LiFe and Lion, only 2 cells are foreseen, while NICD batteries can have from 5 to 7 cells. It is obvious that the possibility of programming batteries is a good enhance for current peak and life of themselves. Precision V ­ Meter: The user can check precisely the state of the art related to the charging of the batteries through 5 leds. Very low consumption: in OFF modality (useful to reduce the problem of discharging, either if the user forgets the battery switched on or the limit is over due when not in use for a long time). The layout, the circuital typology and the fact that RX are supplied separately, avoid the need of further filters on the power alimentation circuit. The programmability management is allowed trough a microprocessor.

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